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This site supports the advancement of digital health capability of the healthcare workforce and champions expertise and professionalism. It is managed by the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) in partnership with the Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency).

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Why go digital?

The healthcare landscape has evolved to a consumer-centric approach, where patients interact with providers in new ways and have access to their own healthcare data. This shift is driven by the digital revolution in healthcare, incorporating big data, AI, genomic data, wearables, and remote sensors.

Digitalisation can optimise resource utilisation in healthcare systems, meeting the demands of aging populations and chronic illnesses. As society embraces digitalisation across industries, digital health’s significance will continue to grow, eventually becoming the norm.

Healthcare worker at laptop

History of health technology

The model below has been created to illustrate how health technology has evolved, essentially in four waves over the last 70+ years.

Waves of digital health