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Capability Development & Support

Capability Development & Support

As we look ahead to 2024, AIDH will focus on developing detailed career pathways, leveraging existing programs, and consolidating information and resources through the digital health workforce hub. This approach will be in collaboration with government, industry, education providers, professional bodies, and research, emphasising the collective effort required to advance the digital health workforce agenda. 

The AIDH remain committed to further this agenda, ensuring that the digital health workforce is well-positioned to meet the evolving demands of a digital and AI-enabled health and care landscape. 

Recent publications and work

The Digital Health Workforce Capability Hub

The Hub is a single point for knowledge sharing and learning.

Whether you’re an expert in digital health, a newcomer, or simply curious about how digital in health aligns with your current work, this site can help you and your organisation gauge your existing level of proficiency and knowledge in digital in health.

Assess your capability and guide your professional development to increase understanding of digital in healthcare.

Explore your organisational workforce readiness to build confidence and capability in digital health.

Also check out the 80+ resources on the hub!