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Digital Health 101

Digital Health 101 Microcredential

A self-paced online course that equips you with practical knowledge of the fundamentals of digital health.

Through seven informative modules and five hours of content, you will understand how digital is transforming and disrupting healthcare on a global scale.

The future of health is digital and this course is your starting point. 

Launching 29 April

Fives hours of content across seven modules.

Access 30+ educational videos 

100+ additional resources

Course Content

Module 1 – Introduction to Digital Health
Module 1 introduces you to digital health and how it is best described.

Module 2 – Understanding the Environment
Module 2 discusses the current healthcare environment in Australia.

Module 3 – Opportunities Offered by Digital Health
Module 3 explores the evolution of digital health and some of the innovations and advancements digital health offers to enable this change.

Module 4 – Understanding Data
Module 4 discusses data in health system and how it drives clinical and managerial decision-making.

Module 5 – Business and Service Models are Changing
Module 5 begins to link previous modules together and explores new healthcare models.

Module 6 – Changing Roles and Responsibilities in Health
Module 6 expands on module 5, discussing how roles and responsibilities change with new healthcare models.

Module 7 – Health and Wellness are Merging
Module 7 explores the distinctions between health and wellness and how merging these will drive healthcare models.