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Domain A – Digital Professionalism

Digital Professionalism

Health workers maintain professional attitudes and behaviours in the digital environment

Digital professionalism has been defined as “the attitudes and behaviours (some of which may occur in private settings) reflecting traditional professionalism paradigms that are manifested through digital media”.
As the use of digital systems becomes more widespread, it is vital that health workers understand and demonstrate appropriate behaviours online and when using digital tools, to promote public confidence and drive uptake of digital health solutions.

There are three sub-domains within Domain A, Digital Professionalism:

A.1 Learning and Development
Ongoing development of skills, knowledge and confidence in digital health

A.2 Procedural Knowledge
Use of digital tools in healthcare in a way that aligns with procedural, policy, legal and ethical requirements

A.3 Online Identity
Use of digital tools to develop and maintain appropriate online identity and reputation

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