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Domain B – Leadership and Advocacy

Leadership and Advocacy

Health workers lead and collaborate, with others to promote appropriate use of digital health, contribute to improvements and embrace digital changes

As new technologies and opportunities emerge, health workers will play a critical role in promoting and leading uptake of digital health solutions across the sector. Workers will be expected to advocate for, and partner with, consumers and patients as they increasingly seek digital access to information and services. To fully leverage the benefits of digital health technologies, workers must explore new technologies and approaches and embrace the changes associated with the digital evolution of healthcare.

There are three sub-domains within Domain B, Leadership and Advocacy:

B.1 Digital Health Advocacy
Working in partnership with patients/consumers to advocate for access to information and use of digital health technologies

B.2 Workplace Leadership
Participation as an active and visible player in digital health decision making in the workplace

B.3 Leadership through Digital Change
Embracing the future of digital health through engaging with emerging technologies, accepting change, and participating in decision making

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Formative level resource links

Australian Digital Health Agency Leadership Strategy 2022-2023

Australian Nursing & Midwifery Digital Health Capability Framework

Australian Primary Healthcare Nurses Association (APHNA) Knowledge Hub

Professional Development Leading the Charge: Developing Your Leadership Voice in Digital Health – Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS)

Digital Transformation for the aged care sector resources: Department of Health and Aged Care

Intermediate level resource links

A Leadership Pulse Check: Digital Health Innovation

Digital Health Capability Framework for Allied Health Professionals: Victorian Government

Digital Health Strategy 2022-24: Alfred Health

Transforming the aged care sector: PwC Salesforce

Classification of digital health interventions: World Health Organisation (WHO)

Proficient level resource links

Leadership in Clinical Informatics

Leadership in Digital Health Services: Protocol for a Concept Analysis – February 2021

Leadership in the Context of Digital Health Services: A Concept Analysis – August 2022

Nurse Leaders Enabling Nurses to Adopt Digital Health: Results of an Integrative Literature Review – December 2022

Supercharging Digital Transformation in Healthcare with Confidence to Commit – Ernst & Young

Transforming aged care: RMIT, CISCO

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