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Domain C – Data and Information Quality

Data and Information Quality

Health workers ensure the collection and protection of quality health data and understand how such information supports decision making and the evolution of healthcare services

Effective use of digital health solutions relies on quality data input across a range of health systems and settings. This means that all health workers have a critical role in the capture, creation and recording of increasingly large quantities of healthcare information. To effectively leverage digital health approaches, workers must capture accurate data and understand how this data is used and applied to enable practical change.

There are three sub-domains within Domain C, Data and Information Quality:

C.1 Quality in Data Capture
Understanding own role in data capture and ensuring the collection of accurate information

C.2 Use of Information
Understanding how health information may be used and applying this as relevant to own role

C.3 Data Integrity for Decision Making
Understanding the importance of data integrity and how data and information translate to real-world action and change

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Formative level resource links

Data Governance SDO Education Playbook: The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

Data Quality in Healthcare: Primary Health Network

Exploring How Quality Data Leads to Better Information: Canadian Health Information Management Association

What is the Importance of Data Quality in Healthcare Information Systems: Blog

Intermediate level resource links

Data Governance Driving Value in Healthcare: KPMG

Data Governance Framework: Australian Institute of Health & Welfare (AIHW)

MedicineInsight Program: Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Healthcare (ACQSHC)

Interoperability & Digital Health Standards: Australian Digital Health Agency

Health Data Quality: Victorian Department of Health

A survey and evaluation of comprehensive geriatric assessment systems for residential and community aged care and case studies: ACIITC

Proficient level resource links

Digital Health Data Quality Issues: Systematic Review – March 2023

Ensuring Data Integrity of Healthcare Information in the Era of Digital Health – June 2021

Information Quality Frameworks for Digital Health Technologies: Systematic Review – May 2021

Key Issues in Healthcare Data Integrity: Analysis & Recommendations – February 2020

Digital Health Resources: Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

Digital Health Resources: Royal Australasian College of Physicians

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