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Domain D – Information Enabled Care and Services

Information Enabled Care and Services

Health workers use information and data to inform and evaluate decision making and to enhance and connect services through digital health technologies

Increasingly, health workers are required to use their critical thinking to analyse data for the provision of health and care services. It is essential to understand the importance of trusted digital data to better connect service and care beyond one’s own role or organisation. This is applicable across all roles and settings, and is vital to the effective delivery and development of digital health solutions.

There are three sub-domains within Domain D, Information Enabled Care and Services:

D.1 Information Sources
Understanding the range of health information/data sources available and how and why these may be linked and analysed

D.2 Reasoning and Evaluation
Evaluating data and use of critical reasoning to support decision making and informed use of digital health applications

D.3 Digital Services
Promoting the evaluation of current and emerging digital health approaches to support service development and improvement

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Proficient level resource links

Guide to Informed Decision Making in Health Care: Queensland Health

Interoperability in Health Care: Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS)

Shaping Europe’s Digital Future – eHealth Priorities: Various Resources – European Commission

Technology Enabled Care & Services: Resource for Commissioners: National Health Service (NHS) UK

The Widening Gap Between the Digital Capability of the Care Workforce and Technology Enabled Health Care Delivery: A Nursing & Allied Health Perspective – March 2023

Australia’s national digital health strategy: Australian Digital Health Agency

FHIR Training: HL7

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