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Domain E – Technology


Health workers confidently use, critique and troubleshoot a range of digital health devices, applications, and software to deliver safe, consumer-centric services

Digital health technologies are increasingly providing improved recording and sharing of patient/consumer information, linked with continuity of care and decreased replication of data across the healthcare system. It is recognised that not all health workers have the same level of access to digital health technologies, but it must also be recognised that there is a focus on the digitisation of health nationally “as key to improving service delivery and health outcomes”. Technology is therefore an important domain in the delivery of a digitally capable health workforce.

There are three sub-domains within Domain E, Technology:

E.1 Appropriate Technologies
Understanding the variety of digital health technologies available and identifying appropriate options

E.2 Digital Health Controls
Understanding and demonstrating the use of effective controls to ensure safe and appropriate application of digital health solutions

E.3 Problem Solving and Feedback
Managing challenges that arise in the use of digital health technologies and providing feedback to inform future improvements

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Formative level resource links

About Health Technologies & Digital Health: Various Resources – Australian Government Department of Health & Ageing

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What are Currently the Biggest Challenges in Digital Health? The Journal of mHealth – February 2023

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Interoperability: better connections for better care: Australian Digital Health Agency

Technology and Aged Care: Aged Care Decisions

Intermediate level resource links

Challenges & Opportunities of Digital Health in a Post Covid-19 World: February 2021

Digital Health Resources: Royal Australasian College of Physicians

Five Crucial Challenges in Digital Health: Frontiers in Digital Health – December 2020

Health Information Technology & Digital Health: The Future of Health Technology is Diverse – September 2018

Integrating Digital Health Tools to help Improve the Whole Consumer Experience: Deloitte Insights

Digital Health: Caresearch (Aged Care)


Proficient level resource links

Digital Health 2031: Queensland Health

Digital Safety: The Next Frontier for Patient Safety – November 2021

Management Challenges for Future Digitisation of Health Care Services: December 2020

The Promise of Digital Health: Then Now & the Future – June 2022

Supporting Patient Engagement with Digital Health Care Innovations: Lessons from the Care City Test Bed – Nuffield Trust May 2022

Going Digital: CHF and the George Institute

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