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Education & Credentialling

Workforce Education

There are many ways to learn more about digital in health and care. Below are some recommended courses, microcredentials and certificates to help further your journey.

Digital Health 101

Microcredential from AIDH

A self-paced online course that equips you with practical knowledge of the fundamentals of digital health.

Through seven informative modules and five hours of content, you will understand how digital is transforming and disrupting healthcare on a global scale. 

The future of health is digital: this course is your starting point. 

Certified Health Informatician Australasia (CHIA)

Certification by AIDH

A properly skilled health informatics workforce is the foundation of safe, effective healthcare.

AIDH, Australasia’s peak body for digital health, aims to help build the world’s best credentialled digital health workforce.

For a growing number of healthcare services and professionals, CHIA is the certification of choice.

Women in Digital Health

Leadership Program by AIDH

To be a leader you need three things: A desire to lead, a drive to move forwards and a yearning to learn.

Whether you aspire to move up the career ladder; aspire to increase your influence in your current position; or aspire to understand and recognise your leadership potential this program will prepare you to embrace and succeed in the challenges that may face you.

Education provider courses

AIDH have collated a list of digital health courses on the Hub.

From microcredentials to post-graduate courses, this list has you covered.