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The demand for expertise in digital health is on the rise as the health and care landscape undergoes a profound shift towards digital services and technologies. This evolving environment is creating a growing demand for digital health skilled professionals.

For those who aspire to specialise in this field, there are limited established pathways for specialisation. Additionally, there is a challenge in attracting and retaining digital health talent.

Explore career pathways to help you on your digital transformation journey.

Mapping career pathways and templating roles will bring a sharper focus to standardising approaches  approaches and  expectations of skill requirements and competencies that will support digital health professionalism and careers.

Conceptual view diagram

Diagram – Conceptual view:

The diagram links digital literacy to digital health capability over a variety of roles.

Digital Health Career Pathways Model

The Digital Health Career Pathway Model provides a structured approach to map and highlight: career options and opportunities for individuals; formalised industry standards on skills and qualification; and ways to attract, retain and support individuals working towards and specialising in digital health.

Map to a Professional Career Matrix

Includes 5 career levels, across a range of specific domains, aligned to roles, and competency descriptions. The Australian version is based on the Digital Health Canada version.

Matrix reference point to map roles and levels to inform career pathways.

Incorporate skills

Includes skills as well as competencies. i.e., what are the in-demand skills for digital health, matched to roles identified in the matrix.

In that matrix model incorporate skills (align to skills and education agenda).
Career streams
Career streams rather than detailing pathways or specific domains. i.e., clinical, IT professional, research, management, streams.
Reduce complexity and allow flexibility within career streams.
Entry points
Focus on entry points and where people are in their digital health career journey.
Find where people are in their journey and tailor approaches to match.
Qualifications | Education
Identify any pre-requisite qualifications and education for specific roles from a profession, industry, and employer perspective.
Find where people are in their journey and tailor approaches to match.

This page is being dynamically updated. We will provide practical examples of career pathways and options, with associated training or education identified to support you in your own career journey. Please provide us feedback on what you would like to see here: [email protected]